Dr. Melanie Tannenbaum named Chief Communications Science Advisor

Wescott Strategic Communications announced a new partnership with Melanie Tannenbaum, Ph.D., an award-winning educator, social psychologist, and contributor to Scientific American's PsySociety blog.

Dr. Tannenbaum's area of expertise is the science of persuasion and motivation for behaviors related to politics, health, and the environment. "I am thrilled to work with Dr. Tannenbaum," said David Wescott, Principal at WSC. Her unique approach to the science of communication helps clients understand how people use information to make decisions for themselves and their families."

"As communicators, we often focus on one very specific aspect of our messaging - the content of the message itself," said Dr. Tannenbaum. "But there's so much more. Research suggests we often overlook other major elements of communication - your message's audience and your message's source. I'm proud to help clients apply sound scientific principles of communication to make sure their outreach efforts are clear and effective."

Dr. Tannenbaum earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Duke University. She earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has served as an adjunct professor in the department of psychology at the University of Nevada - Reno. In addition to her work in education, Dr. Tannenbaum has served as a consultant for companies such as W.W. Norton & Co. 

Dr. Tannenbaum is also the author of a chapter entitled, "Persuading the Unpersuadable: Communicating Science to Cynics, Deniers, and Trolls" in the upcoming book "The Complete Guide to Science Blogging." 

In this new position, Dr. Tannenbaum will provide strategic counsel to clients on a contract basis through WSC.  She will also chair WSC's new science advisory committee, which will help clients develop communications strategies that are grounded in the most relevant and current scientific research.  Committee members will be announced in the upcoming weeks.